Albino Pigeon Vs Dove: 5 Key Differences and Identification

When bird sightings, you open up many avian friends that cater to our hearts with their elegant demeanor. When it comes to knowing about creatures known for their gentle coos, only a few can resist the charm of albino pigeons & doves. But if you’re wondering ‘how to tell the difference between albino pigeon vs dove, this is the article for you.

In this article, you will learn about five key differences between albino pigeons and doves and how to tell the difference between them. You will find some unique phenomenons quite intriguing in these two bird families. Therefore without wasting another second, let’s take a quick look into the 5 Key differences between doves vs albino pigeons & explore how to identify them.

3 Differences Between Albino Pigeons vs Doves

3 Differences Between Albino Pigeons vs. Doves

Since the identification of both species holds significant value for many people, including bird enthusiasts, researchers & conservationists, I have done in-depth research on their physical characteristics, habitat & geography distribution, behavioral traits, as well as how to tell them apart based on their plumage markings, sounds, & calls.

Below, you will also find some expert tips & tricks that I learn throughout my research journey between these two species for identification. Both species are quite rare individuals that will provide unique insights into genetic mutation in Avian species.

I want to mention the research paper that was published in the National Institutes of Health (.gov) that studied albino Birds contributing to our understanding of evolutionary biology as well as genetic diversity within the bird population. Coming back to the point, let’s focus on three major differences that I learned about both the species of albino pigeons vs doves. 

Albino Pigeon Vs Dove: Physical Characteristics

First, we will start by discussing the physical characteristics of albino pigeons & doves and pose district physical attributes that set them apart. Talking about albino pigeons, they are said to be a member of a Columbidae family.

Pigeons tend to have a larger body with a broader chest & longer tails compared to doves. Talking about the albino doves, they also belong to the same family but will appear smaller in size compared to albino pigeons. Also, doves are known for their delicate nature & appearance. Also, I learned that pigeons tend to have a higher wingspan-to-body ratio than albino doves.

Albino Pigeon Vs Dove: Habitat & Geographic Distribution

After knowing about both species’ physical characteristics, you might want to know their geographical distribution. Regarding habitat, both species have their own habitat preferences & geography distributions. A research study by the BirdWatchingUSA found that albino pigeons are more likely to be found in urban environments, building nests on a window with a shadow or a place with a little bit of cover.

To know more about this, consider reading my articles on albino pigeon nesting behavior. Coming back to the point, doves, on the other hand, usually prefer natural settings like forests l, parks, grasslands, Woodlands, as well as gardens. They’re heavily distributed across various regions worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Below is an example of geography distribution & population density in these regions to help you understand better about geographical differences & habitat preferences of both these Avian creatures. To know more about habitat preferences of pigeons, check “Where Do Pigeons Nest

RegionAlbino Pigeon Population DensityAlbino Dove Population Density
North AmericaThree birds per square kilometerFour birds per square kilometer
EuropeTwo birds per square kilometerSix birds per square kilometer
AsiaFive birds per square kilometerThree birds per square kilometer
AfricaOne bird per square kilometer1 bird per square kilometer

Albino Pigeon Vs Dove: Behavioral Traits

Many things can help you understand what sets both species apart regarding behavioral traits. In addition to the physical differences, both the species, albino pigeons & doves, exhibit district behavioral traits. According to the study published in the Pigeon Rescue, Birds like albino pigeons are usually known for their strong homing instincts, often used in racing competitions due to their exceptional navigational abilities. On the other hand, dogs are usually recognized for their gentle & calm demeanor, making them popular as symbols of peace & love.

How to Identify Albino Pigeons & Doves

After learning the major differences between the species albino pigeons & doves, who share the same family, Columbidae, let’s take a quick look at how to identify albino pigeons & doves if you happen to come across them. You should note that identifying albino pigeons & doves requires keen observation & attention to detail. So ensure you’re following all the useful tips below to help you differentiate between the two species.

Identification Based on Plumage & Markings

You will find quite noticeable differences in both species in their plumage and marking. Whenever you must differentiate between Birds like albino pigeons, you must focus on their plumage & markings.

Albino pigeons will have pure white plumage with no visible color patches, whereas doves may exhibit subtitle variations in hue like light cream or greyish tones. Also, make sure to look at any distinguishing features on their wings & tails, as they can also be key identifiers. We have also shared & in-depth knowledge on the differences between their plumage & marking in my recent article ‘Are pigeons Doves?’.

Identification Based on Calls & Sounds

You can also have some moments & be patient while observing them to take note of their vocalization differences. Albino pigeons & doves are known for their unique vocalization that can help you identify. Albino pigeons are likely to emit cooing sounds with distinct variations depending upon the geographical location. On the other hand, dogs are known to produce soft & soothing coos that are easily recognizable.

Identification Based on Expert Tips & Tricks

If you want to be more accurate with their identification, I will advise you to seek guidance from exterior bird watchers or enthusiasts. These people will be the best ones to help you gain valuable insights into the differences and understand their personal experiences of the encounters with doves & albino pigeons. Also, you can consider consulting a field guide or using online resources that may offer detailed information & images for comparisons when looking at the bird.

Albino Pigeons & Doves in Captivity

Albino Pigeons & Doves in Captivity

After knowing about both species, you might feel intrigued to keep them as pets. Even though the allure of keeping doves & albino pigeons as pets is undeniable, it also comes with some considerable responsibility that you must first understand before adopting one. According to a report by the VCA Animal Hospitals, Birds like albino pigeons and doves tend to have specific dietary & environmental needs that require specialized care.

Therefore, before you adopt any pet bird, you should be well informed about the challenges & commitment involved in providing suitable habitats for these unique creatures. Also, the conservation of albino pigeons & doves is of utmost importance, considering their variety & potential vulnerability.

A study by the Conservation Leadership Programme also highlights the need to protect natural habitats and implement conservation strategies to ensure survival. Therefore, I will advise you to understand their habitat behavior & identify populations at risk for better conservation efforts and make it more targeted and equally effective.


Now I hope you have an in-depth knowledge of the difference between albino pigeons and doves. I have given my best to give you an end of knowledge on three major key differences between albino pigeons and doves, especially regarding their physical appearance, behavior, and distribution. Along with the journey, you also learned how to identify them & tell them both apart if you happen to come across one of these species.

If you find the article helpful, I will advise you to share it. Your share will help many people gain valuable insights into the intricacies of nature & the diversity of life around us. Also, ensure you are checking out more articles on the relationship between doves and pigeons on this website.

Whether in the wild or captivity, we should work towards protecting & appreciating these remarkable Avian friends for future generations to admire & cherry. If you have concerns regarding the difference between albino pigeons and doves, never mind commenting below. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.

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