Do Pet Pigeons Fly Away? Exploring Risks Involved

If you have a pet pigeon in your home, then you might be fearful of your beloved birds flying away. Therefore, if you are wondering if pet pigeons fly away, this article is for you. In this article, I will answer the question, do pet pigeons fly away and help you understand what may lead to their wandering? You will be learning why pet pigeons may fly away along with their remarkable homing abilities, backed by hours & hours of research.

Later on, I will also provide practical tips to help you ensure their safety & well-being. Whether you already have a pigeon or are looking to pet one, this guide will help you learn in-depth about the question, ‘Do pet pigeons fly away.’ Therefore, without wasting time, let’s understand the Instinct & flying abilities of pigeons and the probability of pet pigeons wandering away.

Do Pet Pigeons Fly Away? 

Do Pet Pigeons Fly Away? 

Pet pigeons can fly away if not kept in a controlled & secure environment. Pigeons are natural flyers & have strong homing instincts, which means they can easily navigate & find their way back to familiar locations. Even if raised in captivity or as pets, they retain these instincts. 

Suppose you plan to keep your pet pigeon outside without appropriate measures to prevent escape. In that case, there is a huge chance that it may fly away no matter what you do and may attempt to return to its original home or previous territory. This becomes especially true for homing pigeons, a breed known for finding their way back over long distances.

Therefore, if you are looking to prevent your pet pigeon from flying away, make sure that you keep them in a properly enclosed or locked area. In addition to this, it is important that you keep your pigeons comfortable and in a familiar environment to discourage them from attempting to fly back to their original location.

I will also advise you to provide them with appropriate care, attention, & social interaction to foster a healthy bond between both of you and keep your pet content & less likely to attend an escape. Pigeons have lived alongside humans for thousands of years and have developed incredible flying abilities to navigate through urban environments and vast landscapes.

Studies by the University of Oxford revealed that pigeon aerial navigation skills are particularly based on their ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic field. This further enables them to orient themselves and find their way Home, even from unfamiliar locations. So, now you know that pet pigeons can fly away as they’re highly skilled flyers with remarkable homing abilities.

Since they are very social & curious creatures, it’s not uncommon to find Pet pigeons feeling tempted to explore their surroundings & may venture outside their enclosure. It may fly away without properly training your pigeon or bonding with it. Therefore, ensure you provide them with a safe & stimulating environment while taking preventive measures & following proper care guidelines to reduce the risk of your pet flying away. Below, I will discuss theories & why pet pigeons may fly away to help you prevent this likelihood from occurring.

5 Reasons Why Pet Pigeons May Fly Away

We must understand why a pet pigeon may take Flight to implement preventive measures properly & effectively. According to a research study published in the Journal of Avian Biology, the lack of bonding & training with their owners tends to be the primary cause of pet pigeons flying away. If your pigeon also feels disconnected or unsupported from your end, they are likely to seek companionship elsewhere, including with wild pigeons. Below I am given five major reasons why your pigeon may fly away.

Lack of Bonding & Training

As I told you earlier, bonding with your pet pigeon is crucial to building trust and attachment. Therefore, I will highly advise you always to spend time with your bird, talk to it gently, and offer them lots of treats & rewards during training sessions. A study by the University of California found that bonding significantly reduces the chances of pigeons flying away.

The major cause of pigeons flying away tends to be the lack of bonding & training. Therefore, ensure you provide proper attention to this section & spend some time with your pet for at least a couple of hours daily. However, if you think about your pigeon’s fear of your touch, consider reading my article Do Pigeons Like to Be Petted.’

Attraction to Wild Pigeons

Maybe you are not providing a comfortable or engaging environment within its loft to keep your pigeon engaged mentally. Pigeons are known to be very friendly creatures & the sight or sound of wild pigeons may attract them to explore the outside world as well. Therefore, to minimize this kind of risk, provide your pigeon with a comfortable & engaging environment within its enclosure. Also, providing toys & purchases to keep them entertained is very helpful in preventing your pigeon from getting bored, feeling alone, or tempted to explore the outside world.

Environmental Stimuli

You should know that pigeons are also very curious, and certain environmental stimuli like loud noises or sudden movements may startle your pet, triggering their flying instant. Therefore, you must place your pigeon Aviary or loft in a calm & quiet area to reduce the livelihood of such kinds of stimuli that material that triggers flying instincts. Also, ensure you are not getting your pigeon out of its loft if there are loud noises or too much traffic.

Seeking Food & Water

Maybe you are not providing your pigeon with an appropriate amount of food & fresh water. Yes, another reason your pet pigeon may fly away is the search for food & water. Pigeons tend to carry a strong survival instinct, and if you are not adequately feeding them or keeping them hydrated, your pet may venture out in search of sustenance.

Disorientation & Panic

In some cases, a pet pigeon may also become disoriented & tining due to sudden changes in their surroundings. This kind of instance is more likely to happen if you expose them to unfamiliar environments or extreme weather conditions. In extreme weather conditions, pigeons may take Flight out of fear. Therefore, ensure you provide a stable & comfortable living environment for your pet pigeon.

5 Tips on Bonding & Training to Prevent Flight

5 Tips on Bonding & Training to Prevent Flight

To build a strong bond & prevent your pet pigeon from flying away, consider the following tips:

  • Spend Quality Time: First, you must set aside dedicated time daily to interact with your pets, especially Birds like pigeons. You must engage in gentle play sessions & communication to foster a sense of security & attachment between you & your pet.
  • Positive Reinforcement: When training your bird, use a lot of treats and praise to reinforce positive behavior & encourage your pigeon to respond to your cues actively.
  • Gradual Outdoor Exposure: If you are planning to let your pigeon experience the outdoor world & give them some outdoor time, make sure to do it gradually within a safe & controlled environment. It would be best to start with short supervised outings to build trust & familiarity. 
  • Avoid Chasing: If your pigeon does fly away, you should avoid chasing it as it may cause further panic. Instead, it would be best if you waited patiently for your pet to return & follow its flight path discreetly from a distance.
  • Identification: You need to use homing pigeon bands & microchips for identification purposes, which will significantly increase the chances of reuniting with your lost pigeon.

5 Tips on Supervision & Free Flight

It would help if you supervised your pigeon-free Flight as it can be a rewarding experience for pet pigeons and their owners. Below, I’m mentioning some necessary precautions that you need to take to ensure the safety of your pet birds when they are wandering outdoors.

  1. Secure Environment: You must always choose a large Aviary or a designer flight area that is safe & enclosed for a free flight session of your pigeon 
  2. Gradual Training: When training a pigeon to return to you on command during a free flight session, you must start with short flights & then gradually increase the duration.
  3. Weather Conditions: Never let your pigeon free flight during bad weather conditions like heavy rain or strong winds, as this will disorient pigeons & may increase the likelihood of them flying away.
  4. Supervision: When your pigeon is taking its free Flight, make sure to supervise & intervene, especially in cases of emergency.
  5. Recall Training: Always practice recall training consistently to reinforce your pet homing abilities & ensure it returns to you when you call them.


Yes, pet pigeons have an instinct to fly and can fly away if given the opportunity. Here’s a breakdown of the risks and how to minimize them:

High Risk of Flying Away:

  • Feral Pigeons: If you find or adopt an adult feral pigeon, it will likely fly away if it escapes outdoors. They have a strong homing instinct and may try to return to their original location.
  • Unclipped Wings: Pigeons with unclipped wings have full flight capability and are likelier to fly away, especially if not properly trained and bonded with their owner.

Lower Risk of Flying Away:

  • Hand-raised Pigeons: Pigeons raised from chicks and hand-fed by humans can form strong bonds with their owners and may be less likely to fly away.
  • Clipped Wings: Clipping a pigeon’s flight feathers can significantly reduce their ability to fly long distances, making it less likely they’ll disappear.

Minimizing the Risk:

  • Secure Enclosure: Provide a large, secure outdoor enclosure with a covered top to allow exercise while preventing escape.
  • Flight Training: Train your pigeon to return to you using positive reinforcement methods.
  • Clipped Wings (Consult a Vet): Consider having a vet clip your pigeon’s wings if they’re not hand-raised and pose a high escape risk.


I hope you have all the ideas & knowledge on the question, ‘Do pet pigeons fly away.’ In conclusion, pet pigeons pose an Instinct to fly, but with proper care, bonding & training, you can significantly reduce the risk of them flying away. I have given my best to give you a proper understanding of their homing ability & importance of providing a safe & enriching environment to your pet while ensuring their well-being & happiness.

If you follow the tips & guidelines mentioned above in this article, I can guarantee you can build a strong bond with your pet pigeon & enjoy a fulfilling life of companionship for years to come. However, make sure to note that each pigeon tends to be unique, and building a loving relationship is going to take time & dedication. However, the rewards are immeasurable & immense.

If you find this article helpful, where we have shared in-depth knowledge on the question ‘Do pet pigeons fly away,’ consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about the possibility of their pet pigeon flying away due to various factors and what they can do about it. Check my other helpful guide on the care & management of pigeons as pets. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.

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