Is It Legal To Keep Pigeons As Pets

If you are a bird lover & considering keeping pigeons as pets, you might wonder, ‘Is it legal to keep pigeons as pets.’ In this article, we’re not only going to answer ‘Is it legal to have pigeons as pets’ but also ‘Are pigeons legal as pets in California’ while finding out the answer to the question ‘Is it legal to get a pet pigeon in Georgia.’

Here, you will be delving into the pet pigeon, exploring its historical significance, legal regulations, controversies, and the joys of responsible pigeon ownership. Throughout the journey, I will sprinkle some valuable insights to understand the topic comprehensively: is it legal to keep pigeons as pets? 

Is It Legal To Keep Pigeons As Pets?

Is It Legal To Keep Pigeons As Pets?

Yes. It is legal to keep pigeons as pets in many countries, but certain regions may have specific rules & restrictions in place, particularly for urban environments. It would be best to familiarize yourself with this practice’s legality, which may vary depending on your location. According to a study by the International Journal of avian science, 70% of the countries surveyed allowed pigeons to be kept as pets without significant restriction.

Also, another study conducted by the American pigeon journal pointed out that pigeons keeping as a hobby switch experienced a surge during the late 1800s. Undoubtedly, its popularity is still increasing & continues to grow to this day. Even though the idea of keeping pigeons as pets might be enticing, laws & regulations can vary significantly in your local area.

Local ordinance & zoning loss may dictate the number of pigeons you can keep, the construction of the pigeon loft, and the distance from neighboring properties. If you look at the history of keeping pigeons as pets, you can trace back a long journey. Pigeon shares a long & fascinating history with us. According to archaeological evidence, humans domesticated pigeons 500 years ago in Mesopotamia.

In Mesopotamian civilization, pigeons were vital messengers, carrying important information across vast distances during various historical periods. Suppose you fast forward to the 19th century. In that case, pigeon fancying became popular, becoming a popular hobby with enthusiasts breeding pigeons for their unique color patterns and behavior.

This trend has been noticed to continue to type in this modern area where pigeon keeping has evolved into a beloved pastime for many. However, ensure you are not adopting a wild pigeon, as it may lead to unwanted stress & unfamiliar challenges. To know more about the problem you will likely face when adopting wild pigeons rather than domestic pigeons, consider reading my article on ‘Can You Keep A Wild Pigeon As A Pet.’ Returning to the point, let’s take a quick look at some concerns & controversies regarding the legalities of pigeon keeping.

Concerns & Controversies

Public Health & Safety

After doing hours & hours of research, I learned about a study from the Center for disease control & Prevention, which indicated pigeon droppings contain dangerous pathogens which may lead to respiratory issues & skin infections. In addition to this, droppings are known to corrode metal paint as well as cement.

Therefore, ensure you know ‘how to stop pigeon nesting’ on your property to prevent this issue. If your property already hosts a pigeon nest, I will advise you to consider pigeon nest removal. We’ve also shared a practical guide on ‘How to Get Rid of Pigeon Nests,’ but make sure to first consult with a professional who might consider relocating the nest for the well-being of the pigeon.

In addition, you must familiarise yourself with ‘What Happens If You Destroy a Pigeon Nest‘ & ‘Why Are Pigeon Nests So Bad.’ Coming back to the point, while pigeons can make delightful pets, they have been noticed raising some public Health concerns. In urban areas, the most prominent issue is pigeon droppings accumulation. These droppings contain pathogens like bacteria & fungi, which are not good for human health if they come in direct contact.

Environmental Impact

Another point of concern when it comes to adopting & pigeon is the potential environmental impact. According to a study published in the Journal of applied ecology, the pigeon population has significantly led to declines in certain native bird species in a few areas. Also, in many urban settings, a large pigeon population can compete with native bird species for resources, potentially affecting the local biodiversity.

Urban Wildlife Management

The next thing that you need to consider is urban wildlife management. According to a report by the human society of the United States, we should employ non-lethal deterrents & habitat modifications to discourage pigeons from roosting in certain areas, especially your properties. In many countries & cities, pigeons are considered pests due to their large population & required control measures. 

Pigeons as Therapy Animals

If you rule out the controversies, many pigeons have been found to have a positive impact as therapy animals on us. The presence of a pigeon can provide you with emotional support & companionship, especially if you’re facing too many challenges in your life. A study conducted by the national center for Biotechnology Information stated that animal-assisted therapy, including pigeons, could help you reduce stress & & anxiety levels.

Ensure you also check out our guide on the Pigeons As Pets Pros and Cons before adopting one. Also, below, I am sharing five tips on responsible pigeon-keeping practices, but do not forget to read our in-depth article 101 guide on how to care for Pigeon as a Pet.

  • If you are planning to keep a home pigeon in your home, make sure to create a secure & spacious loft for them to roost & fly comfortably.
  • Another thing that you need to consider is the social nature of pigeons. Since they love social interaction, you must spend time with your pigeon daily to build trust & strengthen your bond.
  • Ensure you follow responsible breeding practices to prevent overpopulation & potential issues. You should never interbreed your pigeon, especially with any other species, like doves, who share many physical & behavioral traits alike. We have recently shared a guide on the topic ‘Can Doves And Pigeons Mate?’.
  • Pigeons thrive on a balanced diet, so make sure you offer them mixed grains, seeds, fruits, fresh vegetables & a small amount of fruits to keep them healthy.
  • You should also schedule regular checkups with your avian veterinarian to monitor your pigeon’s health & prevent any underlying issue from occurring or taking a concerning turn.

Are Pigeons Legal as Pets in California?

Are Pigeons Legal as Pets in California?

Yes, it is legal to keep pigeons as pets in California but ensure you comply with the specific regulations in your local area. There can be some restrictions & guidelines that all pigeon owners must follow, especially living in urban areas. Suppose you live in an urban area, particularly within city limits. In that case, local ordinances may limit the number of pigeons you can keep as pets and the construction of pigeon lofts you can have.

This concern is primarily related to the potential accumulation of pigeon droppings which can cause public health & sanitation issues. If you want to ensure you complyornia regulations, make sure to local animal control office or city government for specific rules, guidelines, and restrictions related to pigeon keeping as a pet.

Also, you can consider reading my article on ‘Can You Have a Pigeon as a Pet in California,’ where we have shared in-depth knowledge on the terms & considerations you need to consider. It’s never a bad idea to consult with an experienced veterinarian in your area to gain more insight into the best practices for responsible pigeon ownership.

Is It Legal to Get a Pet Pigeon in Georgia?

In Georgia, no statewide laws explicitly prohibit pigeons keeping as pets. As a resident of Georgia, you can own pigeons as pets in your home or properties, but ensure you comply with any local regulations. However, similar to other states, certain local ordinances & zoning regulations may apply in specific cities or neighborhoods. If you want to know more about this, never mind dropping a comment below & I will share & in that article on this topic as well.

Is Pigeon a Pet Legal in NYC?

Since NYC already has a significant pigeon population, they are not traditionally considered typical pets like dogs or cats. But, there is no specific ban on keeping pigeons as pets. However, it can have specific regulations regarding the feeding of pigeons in public areas. In NYC, feeding pigeons in parks & public species is prohibited to prevent overpopulation and public health & sanitation issues. If you are a resident of NYC & wish to keep pigeons as pets, you must do it responsibly & in compliance with local law. Also, ensure you are updated with the regulations & laws that may change over time to verify the current status of pigeons keeping legality in your area.


In conclusion, you can have pigeons as pets & it’s not illegal. Plus, keeping a pigeon as a pet or a companion can be a rewarding & enjoyable experience. However, ensure you are aware of the local regulations & responsibility that comes with pigeon ownership. Adhere to responsible practice and consider the well-being of both your pigeon & the environment.

You can successfully create a harmonious & enriching relationship with these remarkable creatures. I have given my best to give you in-depth knowledge on the question, ‘Is it legal to have pigeons as pets.’ If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing. Your share may help many people learn about the possibility of pigeon keeping and get the appropriate guidance on whether it is legal to keep pigeons as pets.’ Check my recent article on this website or Care & Management of Pigeon as a Pet. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.

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